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Friday May 2 - Sunday May 4


What they say about Boy...

  • "Boy K, receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award This year, by unanimous decision of the Philippine Association of the Recording Industry (PARI) board, had been chosen to be one ..."
    Ging Candelaria
    All About Jazz
  • "My association with Boy Katindig started when he was only 15 years old. I was fortunate to have him join the Circus Band and become the "pillar" of our much vaunted rhythm secti..."
    Atek Jacinto
    Music Impresario
  • "...Like the Cruz family of musicians, the Katindigs will inherit and profess maximum creativity and dexterity in their instruments. It will be most difficult to extrapolate all ..."
    Jun Latonio
    Composer, Arranger, Producer, Artist

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